BEST Courses

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Let Learning Become An Experience!

Every year there are about 100 BEST-courses organised all over Europe. This is your chance to experience something extraordinary! No courses are alike and there are many exciting topics and cities to choose from!

Not only are there lectures and company visits, there are also social and cultural programs to keep you entertained. In addition, you will also meet lots of internationally-minded people from all over Europe! There is usually a participation fee between 32 and 44 euros, which covers accommodation and three meals for each day of the course. This deal is cheap and amazing!

7 Good Reasons To Go On A BEST Course:

  1. It’s awesome!
  2. It gives you a chance to see the world and experience other cultures.
  3. You get to explore a new country.
  4. It’s educational with a practical twist.
  5. All BEST Courses involves international teamwork and case-based learning. These are important skills to master for most technology professions and commonly not fully developed in NTNU engineering educations. This practical experience is very valuable!
  6. It stands out on your C.V. – it demonstrates that you’re curious, proactive and adventurous! Many companies are looking for employees that can work in an international environment with confidence.
  7. You create an international network which may prove to be useful later on.



What courses can I apply to for this Autumn?

Please note that you can attend any course, even if it’s not within your field of studies.

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Need help applying? Check out this tutorial on how to apply, or contact us!