About BEST Trondheim


Located at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in the city of Trondheim, BEST Trondheim is one of the 13 founding members of BEST (Board of European Students of Technology). From the start, BEST Trondheim has been one of the most active local BEST groups on a national and international basis. Our 27 years of activity include dozens of successful events and we have helped develop thousands of students.

Our Mission

BEST was created with the aim to provide to the students of technology the opportunity to achieve a international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

Our Goals

The dynamic of BEST allows us to be in frequent contact with- and be the link between students, universities and companies. Our activities are designed to benefit students of technology by providing them with complementary learning, skills development and contact with industries and companies. We seek to collaborate with companies and the university in order to enable us to develop projects that meet the interests of technology students.

The way we fulfil these goals is by enabling the students at NTNU to have the possibility to participate in thefollowing activities:

  • Academical Courses
  • Engineering Competitions
  • Events on Education
  • Trainings on Soft skills
  • Leisure Activities


 Our Local Group

BEST Trondheim is one of the 96 local groups in Europe. We have around 30 members committed to contribute with their knowledge and dedication to the sustainability of our projects. Our members represent the full diversity of technology studies and we are comprised of both Norwegian and international students, with the working language being English.

We are a well-structured and organised team. Many of our projects involve close collaboration with NTNU and companies. We rely on the innovation, creativity and in the commitment of the whole group to reach the goals to which we set ourselves.




Founded: 1988

Full member of BEST since: General Assembly Berlin, 14th April 1989

University: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Our story began many years ago, when student Ida L. Borch was invited on behalf of the Student Council at NTH (later NTNU) to the first BEST‐meeting in Grenoble, March 1988. This event lit a spark of enthusiasm in Ida. Full of anticipation she put up an advertisement at campus Gløshaugen and managed to recruit two motivated people, Morten Fjeld and Jan Erik Saugstad. Together they started BEST Trondheim, with Ida going on to become the first international President of BEST!

As one of the founding BEST groups, Trondheim has been very active. We have given BEST 12 international board members, six being international presidents, and we always strive to have internationally involved members. We hosted General Assembly in 1990 which brought representatives from all over Europe to Trondheim where the future of BEST was crafted together. We have also hosted several other major events: Presidents’ Meeting in 1995, our 1st Local EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) in March 2009, Nordic EBEC in 2012, we have hosted several Regional Meetings for the Nordic Region, two SITs, four WorkShops, TRAP, three TrainShops, two committee meetings, and many local events.

Every BEST group with respect for themselves has a mascot. In 2007, we got our first mascot, Mr. Pig. This emperor penguin was stolen from us and never returned, but now we have two other penguins Mr. Pig Jr. and Kanka. You have maybe seen this big penguin when we have had a stand on school.