About BEST



Board of European Students of Technology

BEST – Board of European Students of Technology – is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation for students of engineering, science, mathematics and technology. Since 1989 we have provided communication, personal development and added learning for students all over Europe.

BEST strives to help European students of technology to become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of European cultures and developing capacities to work on an international basis. Therefore we create opportunities for the students to meet and learn from one another through both our academic and non-academic events and educational symposia. “Learning makes the master”, but the final goal is a good working place, therefore we offer services as anĀ international career platform to broaden the horizons for opportunitiesĀ in the job market.

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

Interesting Facts about BEST

  • 96 Local BEST Groups in 33 countries.
  • Organising events on technology, education and career development.
  • More than 4200 active members.
  • Working for 3 200 000 students all over Europe.
  • The first international President of BEST was from NTH!

For more information about BEST, check out: http://www.best.eu.org/aboutBEST/welcome.jsp


Logo & Map of BEST Groups



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